The Best Types of Apples for Your Domestic Garden
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Apple Trees That Can Be Found in Our Local Wholesale Tree Farm

There are several sorts of apples that you can grow in your yard in Valley Center, KS depending on what you actually want them for. Visit our wholesale tree farm, and you will be able to find and purchase most of them. To get a basic idea about the most common ones, you can read this post to its very end!

  • Rome beauty. This sort is usually used for cooking and has a somewhat thick skin which does not get in the way while you bake them. Rome’s value in the kitchen explains its popularity across the country. It is also widely grown out of the US because it is the “queen of baking apples” with its creamy-yellow flesh and tart flavor.
  • Paula red is another apple sort which is sweet. It has white flesh, which can be used for sauce preparation as well. It turns very mushy if used for pie preparation. Paula Reds are harvested in mid August to early October, depending on the weather changes.
  • Grimes golden is thought to be the ancestor of Golden Delicious. Both apple sorts look quite similar but Grimes has a spicier flavor and is still less well-known, probably because of its high maintenance-during-shipping requirements. It is ripe between late September and October when you can pick some and prepare mild sauces and tasty apple pies. Once you try it and feel the hint of coriander, you will know that this is the sort of apple that you want to plant in your yard.

In order to find the apple tree which you need, you will have to visit a local wholesale tree farm like Pierpoint Tree Farm Inc. and get it. We offer commercial and residential tree installation as an additional service, so you should not worry about planting as well.

Call us now at (316) 755-1904, and we will tell you whether we have the apple tree that you are looking for!

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